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Time for the Arts

Let’s talk about time. It is very elusive, and frequently seems like something that none of us has enough of. We all live very busy lives, and frequently we are trying to manage jam packed schedules. Between work, family, and personal commitments, it sometimes can seem near impossible to add just one more thing into our schedule. However, there is something very important that we are going to ask you to consider adding time for in your schedule. We at the BlackBox would like each of you to consider adding time in your schedule for our local arts scene.

Cultivating a local art scene in a small rural community is a daunting task, but a vitally important one to the health of our community. This task of connecting our community to the arts is our mission statement here at the BlackBox.

We are working hard at our mission. As many of you know, we have a small performance space in the heart of downtown, we are offering educational classes for kids and adults in the arts, and we offer a performance home for local artists. We are proud of all of our successes, and also of all of our community partners, artists, and volunteers who have helped us become a strong voice for the arts in our community.

Reiterating all of this to you, our fans, who have ‘liked’ our Facebook page or subscribed to our weekly email blasts may seem a bit like preaching to the choir. After all, you already are aware of us and our mission. Shouldn’t we be talking to those people in our community who have never heard of us?

The answer is yes…and no. We do advocate for our organization with new people every day. We man booths at community events and promote ourselves at every opportunity. However, this message is intended to those of you with whom we’ve already made contact and who see the value of an arts organization in our community.

We still need your help.

We need you to make a commitment to the arts by making time in your schedule to continue to attend events. Now that we are in our new space, we are offering upwards of 20 events, concerts, and workshops per month. In October, six of those events were completely free to the public, and another four were under $10. There is something for everyone.

We are asking you to commit and purchase tickets to events early, and to bring your friends. We all want to have flexibility in our schedules. When there is an event that we want to attend, many of us wait until the day of the event to purchase tickets so we are certain that it won’t inconvenience our schedule that day. If that day arrives and something else has come up then perhaps we don’t attend the event.

This is very understandable, but we are asking you, our friends and fans, to try and make a commitment a little further in advance, and then honor that commitment. Help us out by prioritizing your support of a local arts scene.

We are asking you to like our posts, share our events, and talk up the local arts scene with your contacts. Read our email blasts to get informed with upcoming events, and make sure that your social circles are in the loop.

We are grateful for the support we have from our friends, volunteers, and community. We can not do this without you. As we continue to strategize and grow, we will also continue to ask you to help us out by committing to, attending, and sharing arts events and activities. Thank you in advance for your continued support and helping us achieve our goal of being your hometown arts connection.

Thank you,

Stacey and Ken